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Rights Respecting Schools

The Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) recognises achievement in putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) at the heart of a school’s planning, policies, practice and ethos. A rights-respecting school not only teaches about children’s rights but also models rights and respect in all its relationships: between teachers / adults and pupils, between adults and between pupils.   For further information, visit the website by clicking here

We are very proud to announce that we have achieved the level 1 Rights Respecting Schools award. Both pupils and staff have worked very hard to ensure all members of our school community are aware of the rights of the child as set out in the United Nations Convention. In the Summer term of 2016 a representative from UNICEF visited St Gabriel's and assessed the work that had been carried in school. Groups of pupils and staff were interviewed, the Rights Respecting Schools group led a tour of our environment and classes were involved in question and answer sessions. The pupils at St Gabriel's were able to talk about children's rights in relation to their lives and the lives of others. We were very proud of their contributions and how well they conducted themselves during the visit.

We are now looking forwards to working towards the level 2 award. We shall be broadening our pupils understanding of where the rights of the child came from and how they can become active citizens and ambassadors for children's rights. Pupils will continue to explore children's rights through their topic work and information will be available to parents on the 'What are we learning' class news letters.


Our Rights Respecting Stars group look forwards to welcoming two new members from Year 2.

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