Class 1

We are pleased to let you know that your child can receive a daily phonics lesson whilst schools
are closed. Phonics is the way we teach children to recognise the sounds in words. It helps your
child to learn to read and is an essential part of your child’s education. Please Click here to access the resource


Year 1 Autumn 1st Half Term

DB Primary 

 Please use the below link to access DB Primary we will be using this platform to set weekly homework.

Our Main Autumn Term Topic is called

‘Before We Grow Up’.

This topic lasts for 12 weeks

The main things your child will be learning are:

  • Words and phrases related to the passage of time.

  • They will explore artefacts to help them to understand childhood in the past and how childhood has changed over time.

  • They will explore the six stages of life and explore timelines and family trees.

  •  Everyday life in the 1950s will be explored, including shopping, transport, family life and childhood.

  • They will also learn about the significance of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953 by studying photographs and online sources.

  • The children will use maps to explore how places have changed over time and highlight any similarities or differences between childhood today and childhood in the 1950s.

We shall also be covering the following 6 mini units designed to be taught alongside the ‘Before We Grow Up’ topic:

   1.Funny Faces and Fabulous Features, this is an art and design unit exploring portrait2

   2.Mix it! This is a short unit to teach colour mixing

   3.Everyday materials, this is a science unit exploring everyday materials, their uses and where they come from

   4.Humans, this is a science unit exploring body parts and senses

   5.Our wonderful world, this is a geography unit exploring places and maps

   6.Shade and Shelter, this is a design and technology unit exploring shelters and materials

General Reminders for Year 1


PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please make sure your child has a full school PE Kit in school, this is a plain white t shirt, navy shorts and pumps. Can I ask that parents please put their child's name in their pumps.

Phonics play is a fantastic resource to further your child's love for reading and spelling. The children in year 1 really enjoy phonics and it would be fantastic to continue this at home. The username and password for this site have been stapled to the inside of your child’s blue reading record book. We are working on phase 5

We have a jumper box in class where the children are free to take their jumpers off during the day. Please put your child's name in their jumper to avoid any confusion.

Reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is important that you and your child read every night. When you have read with your child please sign their blue reading record, without this signed the children will not be able to change their book for a new one. 

If you have any queries or questions please feel free to come and speak to me at the door in a morning or at home time.

Thank you for your constant support

Mrs Foster