Class 2

Year 2 Autumn 1st Half Term

DB Primary 

 Please use the below link to access DB Primary we will be using this platform to set weekly homework.


Our main Autumn Term Topic is called:

‘Movers and Shakers


  • The five statements from Dawson's model that will help them identify people who are historically significant.

  •  They will use the words year, decade and century to describe dates and times.

  • They will study the life and impact of a significant person in the locality and of 10 significant individuals from around the world.

  • They will complete in-depth studies of significant explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, and significant activists Emmeline Pankhurst and Rosa Parks and think carefully about the impact of their actions.

  • They will carry out an independent study of a significant person from the past and learn about people who are significant today.

  • They will also learn how significant people are commemorated and design a memorial for a person they have studied.


We shall also be covering the following 6 mini units designed to be taught alongside the ‘Movers and Shakers’ topic:

  1. Still Life.  This project teaches children about the work of significant still life artists and still life techniques.

  2. Remarkable Recipes. This project teaches children about sources of food and tools used for food preparation. They also discover why some foods are cooked and learn to read a simple recipe.

  3. Let’s Explore the World. This essential skills and knowledge project teaches children about atlases, maps and cardinal compass points.

  4. Living things and their habitats. This project teaches children about habitats and what a habitat needs to provide.

  5. Humans This project teaches children about the basic needs of humans for survival, including the importance of exercise, nutrition and good hygiene.

  6. Mix It This project teaches children about basic colour theory by studying the colour wheel and colour mixing.

Click here for the Activity sheet for the learning task





Ensuring your child learns their spellings each week for their test on a Friday.


Ensuring your child completes their weekly homework on Purple Mash. Homework will be set online each Friday and needs to be returned for the following Friday.  Homework is an essential part of the curriculum and your support is appreciated.  Children who do not complete homework tasks will need to complete it in THEIR TIME in school.


Reading with your child  regularly. Books need to be in school every day. We change books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Reading books will be sent home EVERY NIGHT.  Children need to have their Reading Record signed by an adult at least three times a week. Reading with your  child  regularly. Books need to be in school every day. We change books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Ensuring P.E kit is in school on Monday and Wednesday.  P.E lessons will take place INSIDE therefore children need to come with suitable clothes for indoor P.E. 

School P.E kit is plain white t-shirt and navy shorts with black pumps.

Thank you!

Mrs Shahid