Class 2

Year 2 Summer 1st Half Term

DB Primary 

 Please use the below link to access DB Primary we will be using this platform to set weekly homework.


During this half term we will be covering a topic about:

People of the past


The main things you child will be learning and developing are:

In History, we’ll be finding out:

About the different decisions that rulers had to make in the past

How to use a living graph to explore how a person from history might have been feeling

About the life of a famous explorer using maps and role play

How to compare the lives of two different explorer

About the achievements of important scientists and inventors

In Music, we’ll be finding out:

About the life and music of a famous composer

How to use music to tell the story of our famous composer

In Art, we’ll be finding out:

What we can learn about a person from their portrait

How to create a portrait of a friend

About the work of famous artists

How to paint a scene in the style of a famous artist

In International, we’ll be finding out:

About the idea of ‘fairness’ and what it means

Why some people in the past wanted to make change





Helping your child to complete and return weekly homework (see important reminders).

Listening to your child read at least once a week and signing the blue Reading Record book.

Using the internet to research information or facts about the environment. 


Homework will be set each Friday and needs to be returned for the following Friday.  Your child will be given a homework folder and all work should be placed in this. Homework is an essential part of the curriculum and your support is appreciated.  Children who do not complete homework tasks will need to complete it in THEIR TIME in school.



Reading books will be sent home EVERY NIGHT.  Children need to have their Reading Record signed by an adult at least three times a week.



Ensuring P.E kit is in school on Monday and Wednesday.  P.E lessons will take place INSIDE therefore children need to come with suitable clothes for indoor P.E. 

School P.E kit is plain white t-shirt and navy shorts with black pumps.

Learning Log Task People from the past

At the back of each newsletter, there will be details of a task related to the topic being taught.  Children are encouraged to research the task and write their findings in the Learning Logs.  

The deadline for Learning Logs to be handed in by is Monday 24th May 2021. 




Find out about an important/famous person from history. The children can choose anyone throughout history that they have an interest in. Create a fact file about this person including pictures. 
Think about: 
•    Who is this person?
•    Why are they important in history?
•    What is their job?
•    Have they achieved any awards? 
•    Are they well known for something special? 

I want as much factual information about your chosen historic figure as possible. 

I LOVE history so I cannot wait to read them! 

Thank you!

Miss Hirst