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Please use the below link to access Purple Mash.

Hello and welcome to Year 3.



It’s time to take a walk on the wild side. Find out who’s coming to visit. Is it a bug munching lizard or an eagle-eyed bird of prey? Whatever it is, do you think you can handle it? We are learning about creepy crocs and amazing alligators, the deadly assassin bug and the voracious Venus flytrap.

This half term, we’ll invite some amazing animals into our classroom to discover how they move, what they feel like and what they eat. We’ll learn about the different parts of a plant and how some plants are predators

In Science we will be learning about animals, including humans. Children will learn about the importance of nutrition for humans and other animals, as well as, the role of a skeleton and muscles. We will look at food chains and how animals have to get their nutrition from other sources; they cannot produce their own food.


Homework will be set each Friday on Purple mash or a paper copy will be sent home and needs to be completed by the following Wednesday. Your child will be shown what tasks have been set and how to complete them. Homework is an essential part of the curriculum and your support is appreciated



Books will be sent home every night and can be changed as soon as your child has finished reading it. Children need to have their Reading Record signed by an adult at least three times a week.



Please ensure P.E kit is in school on a Thursday. Lessons will take place inside and outside so please make sure your child has suitable clothing.  Please ensure PE pumps fit properly and ALL kit is labelled with your child’s name.

Thank you,

Mrs Boileau


Welcome To Year 3

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