Spring 1st Half Term



During this half term we are looking at the topic ‘Scavengers and Settlers . (The Stone Age).

The main things you child will be learning and developing are:

In History, we’ll be finding out: What our earliest ancestors might have looked like. How our ancestors were able to survive. How to use archaeological evidence to find out about a prehistoric hunter.  Where our ancestors settled and how they lived. How we can learn about the past by investigating a Stone Age village. What life was like during the Bronze Age and Iron Ages.

In Art, we’ll be finding out: How to create our own prehistoric cave paintings. How to make and decorate pottery, based on one of the periods we have explored.


In Technology, we’ll be finding out about: About the types of foods that the first farmers would have grown. How we can update the dishes that the early settlers may have eaten.

In Science, we'll be looking at animals, including humans. We will find out what nutrition animals need and where they get it from. We will also learn that animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.


Homework will be set each Friday and needs to be returned for the following Wednesday.  Your child will be given a homework wallet and all work should be placed in this. Homework is an essential part of the curriculum and your support is appreciated.  Children who do not complete homework tasks will need to complete it in THEIR TIME in school. Spellings will be sent home every Friday and children will tested every Friday.




Reading books will be sent home EVERY NIGHT.  Children need to have their Reading Record signed by an adult AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK




Ensuring P.E kit is in school on Monday and Friday.  P.E lessons will take place INSIDE therefore children need to come with suitable clothes for indoor P.E. 


Thank you,

Mrs Boileau


Class 3

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